What is a Cold Email Client Acquisition System?

A cold email client acquisition system is an effective way to sign new clients using the power of cold email.  We will come into your business and install a fully functional system that when used properly, will allow you to sign more clients.  We build it, you own it.

What Will We Do?

*Secure 5 subdomains.  These are domains similar to your main domain.

*Secure 10 email sending accounts, 2 email addresses per domain.

*Back-end records set up to ensure email deliverability.

*Domain and email address warm up.

*List cleaning (if you already have lists).

*Upload profile pictures.

*Email sending software set up.

*Copy for outbound emails.

*1,000-10,000 leads uploaded into the email sending software.

*Walk-thru on best practices when it comes to cold email, booking appointments and managing replies.

*30 days support post cold email system set up.

What To Expect After You Sign Up?

  1. Process invoice
  2. Fill out intake form
  3. Book a call with our fulfilment team
  4. Book a call for walk-thru of the client acquisition system


We take care of everything on the backend with the system setup so that you can focus on closing more business.

If needed, we can refer you to trusted colleagues who can help you place Sales Development Representatives, Business Development Representatives and Inbox Managers/VA’s inside your business.