DWY Lead Generation

Need a more “hands-on” approach to finding high value leads for your business growth? We get it! Not every company is set up for complete autonomy regarding lead generation. Our DWY lead generation service is designed to help you develop and execute an adaptive sales strategy.

At Lake Center Consulting, we understand that every business is unique. That is why we are happy to take a collaborative role to lead generation that provides you with the input and feedback needed throughout the process.

How It Works

At Lake Center Consulting, we keep things simple. Once you sign up for our DWY lead generation services, we cultivate incredible leads by collaborating directly with your sales team. In addition, we offer retainer-based pricing models that allow you to be as much a part of our operations as you wish. From showing you how to reply to emails to building prospect profiles, we are happy to walk alongside you in creating a solid lead generation strategy.

We will set up the entire lead generation system which includes finding targeting leads within your Ideal Customer Profile, writing the email/LinkedIn scripts, securing domains/email addresses for the email campaign and a 1 hour call to discuss best practices when booking appointments. 

We are also happy to provide a 30-day post-audit period after our services run. This allows your team to ask any questions and adapt your processes based on our DWY lead generation activities so you can better grow your internal systems in the future.