DFY Lead Generation

Time to elevate your business goals without the hassle of operating your own team. We work with companies of all industries and sizes to generate high-quality leads so you can focus on the more critical business of closing deals and growing your future revenue streams.

Our DFY lead generation service takes care of the entire lead generation process for you. That means no more spending hours scouring the internet for potential leads, no more sending out endless emails and making countless phone calls. Instead, we do all of that for you, so you can spend your time and energy on what really matters – running your business.

How It Works

At Lake Center Consulting, we keep things simple. Once you sign up for our DFY lead generation services, we cultivate incredible leads by:


We build unique ideal customer profiles based on evidence and the needs of your business.


We send out captivating email content that converts your potential leads into bookable appointments and warm contacts.


We will add these new leads to your contact calendar for the final push to convert them into potential sales.


Once we’re done, we review how our process worked to ensure we can improve in the future

Our DFY lead generation service is just that – done for you! There are no strings attached. Our company handles everything needed to generate high value leads for your business growth and book appointments directly on your calendar!